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Workshops and Trainings

All workshops are customized to the target audience and organization.

Current workshops being offered:

I'm Just a Lil' Stressed...

Self-awareness: Race, Ethnicity and Culture

First Steps to Anti-racism

I strive to make my workshops and trainings interesting, educational and FUN! I believe that if you're going to sit there and listen to someone for hours, you should at least be entertained. 

And when things go awry, we work with what we got...

Therapy Practice...


Since 2015 almost my entire practice has been word-of-mouth referral 

(although some clients have found me through Rate MDs)

The most common issues people see me for are anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting/co-parenting

My practice is inclusive - I have clients of various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, as well as clients across the sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression spectrums

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