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Therapy Services

*  Currently all therapy appointments are online  *

"I believe that you should always leave your therapy sessions feeling better than you did when you came in.  Not that all the problems and challenges will be fixed; but you should leave each session feeling heard, understood, and empowered to move towards the change that is possible for yourself  "


My approach to therapy comes from  a blend of my education and academic research, work experiences, various trainings I attend, and my observations of different societies and communities.  My style incorporates humour, empathy and true curiosity about my clients' experiences.

Therapy Areas:



Trauma Symptoms & PTSD

Problematic Anger

Imposter Syndrome

Parenting & Co-parenting

Separation & Divorce

Relationship Issues

Family Functioning

Grief & Loss


I work with people around various life challenges and in various stages of life.  I see teens (14 years and older) and adults, as well as couples and families in all of the variations they come in. 

Common issues are :


Please feel free to call or email me to discuss your particular concerns.  If I am not able to adequately service your concerns I will do my best to refer you to another therapist who may be a better fit.

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Session  Fees :

Individual Sessions:

$120 - 60 minute appointment

$160 - 90 minute appointment


Couple and Family Sessions

$160 - 90 minute appointment  


Session fees are payable by e-transfer at the time of your appointment.

* I am a Registered Social Worker with the Manitoba College of Social Workers and am covered by many health insurance plans.  Check with your benefits administrator to determine your available coverage.

** As a Registered Social Worker, my services are eligible for the Medical Expenses Tax Credit 

*** I do not do third party billing, however I will provide you with an electronic receipt for you to forward to your insurance company for reimbursement

Therapy Practice...


Since 2015 almost my entire practice has been word-of-mouth referral 

(although some clients have found me through Rate MDs)

The most common issues people see me for are anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting/co-parenting

My practice is inclusive - I have clients of various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, as well as clients across the sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression spectrums

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