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Far too often we falsely convince ourselves that because we have a certain educational background, hold a certain professional title or have our own share of challenges in life, that we are immune to holding harmful beliefs about others.   


This workshop focuses on:

  • self-awareness as it relates to stereotypes, biases and prejudices that we hold as humans, and as professionals 

  • examining how schemas in our brains are formed - we will explore how our individual life experiences, the media, and the larger Canadian culture work to create specific and generalized ideas about others. 

  • strategies to combat harmful beliefs about others  

  • enhancing our professional relationships with the people we work with and others


The aim of this workshop is to create a safe and inviting space to be vulnerable within ourselves to examine what beliefs we hold and how they translate into our interactions with others. 


Vulnerability is uncomfortable and discomfort is a prerequisite to growth. 

Self-awareness: Race, Ethnicity and Culture

"Self-Awareness of the Social Worker: Race, Ethnicity and Culture"

Manitoba College of Social Workers, Annual General Meeting and Education Day

Fall 2019

Therapy Practice...


Since 2015 almost my entire practice has been word-of-mouth referral 

(although some clients have found me through Rate MDs)

The most common issues people see me for are anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting/co-parenting

My practice is inclusive - I have clients of various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, as well as clients across the sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression spectrums

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