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I'm Just a Lil' Stressed...

(3 hours in length, including a short break)

"I'm just a lil' stressed" we all lied. 

Let's face it, we are stressed out! We live in a society and live lives that invite, and at times demand us to be stressed - and this stress has very real consequences on ourselves and our relationships.  We do not have to live like this - it is completely possible to accomplish what we need and want to do, without feeling depleted by stress. 

This workshop looks at:

  • what chronic stress is

  • how stress impacts our brains, bodies and general functioning (or lack of) 

  • how stress impacts our relationships, both work and personal

  • what we can actively do to reduce the daily stress in our lives and restore balance to ourselves.

This workshop utilizes psychoeducation along with practice based exercises to facilitate maximum incorporation of the information 

"I'm Just a Lil' Stressed"

Faculty of Music, University of Manitoba

Fall 2019