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Heather O'Neale, MSW, RSW

Since 2014 I have maintained my private therapy practice, working with a variety of clients who live all over the world (Saudi Arabia, England, the United States, to almost every province in Canada) around multifaceted issues. 

I also provide supervision for other therapists, using 'Self of the Therapist' theory. 

As well, since 2017, I have taught Counseling Skills, Counselling Theories, Working with Families, and Understanding Family Violence at the University of Manitoba.


Growing up in a mutli-ethnic and multi-cultural family, my family members span from 4 generations of Canadian farmers, to first generation Caribbean immigrants.  I believe this gives me a broad understanding of culture, family complexities and the importance of self-definition within your family, community and culture. 

 I have worked in the social services field in Manitoba since 2001, in the areas of adult and adolescent psychiatry, non-profit community counseling, and community development.  I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Winnipeg, then continued on to complete a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Manitoba.  I am also a member in good standing of the Manitoba College of Social Workers.


Starting Therapy

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Starting therapy can be difficult, nerve-wracking and overall uncomfortable.  I understand that.  My philosophy is: "I work with the person where they're at  ".   This means that the therapy session moves at a pace determined by the client, and the conversation goes only where the client is comfortable.


In the first session, I will go over confidentiality, the general therapy process and any questions you may have.  Then, we will see where it goes...


*Currently all therapy appointments are online 


Therapy Practice...


Since 2015 almost my entire practice has been word-of-mouth referral 

(although some clients have found me through Rate MDs)

The most common issues people see me for are anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting/co-parenting

My practice is inclusive - I have clients of various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, as well as clients across the sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression spectrums

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