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First Steps to Anti-racism

This workshop focuses specifically on racism as experienced by Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) as well as the much needed practice of anti-racism.   


This workshop focuses on:

  • self-awareness as it relates to stereotypes, biases and prejudices that we hold as humans, and as professionals, about BIPOC folks  

  • examining how schemas in our human brain are formed - participants will explore how our lived experiences, the media, and the larger culture work to create specific and generalized ideas about BIPOC people  

  • strategies to combat and change harmful beliefs about BIPOC people  

  • how participants can practice anti-racism in their everyday lives and within their workplaces and community


The aim of this workshop is to create a safe and inviting space to be vulnerable within ourselves to examine what beliefs we hold and to work on changing harmful beliefs about BIPOC people. Participants will gain a full understanding of why, in the twenty-first century, racism remains a very real and problematic feature of our society. Further, participants will leave this workshop with the necessary skills to combat racism through the active practice of anti-racism.

This workshop can be tailored to individual workplaces or professional fields as well as tailored to both Canadian and United States contexts.

Anti-racism is a verb, it's an action word - it is not a state of being, it is a practice of doing

Therapy Practice...


Since 2015 almost my entire practice has been word-of-mouth referral 

(although some clients have found me through Rate MDs)

The most common issues people see me for are anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting/co-parenting

My practice is inclusive - I have clients of various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, as well as clients across the sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression spectrums

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