Workshops and Trainings

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

(3 hours in length, including a short break)

Within psychology there has been an age old question: Do we think first or do we feel first?  We now know that we feel first, meaning we experience an emotional reaction to something, then we have thoughts about it, which will be based, at least in part, on our emotional reactions. 


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is described as how well individuals identify and manage their own emotions and how they react to the emotions of others. 

Did you know:

  • Individuals with high EI tend to be more flexible and embrace change

  • High EI is linked to open-mindedness

  • People with high EI tend to earn more than $29,000 per year compared to people with low EI

  • Women tend to score higher on EI measurements compared to men (most likely due to socialization differences between men and women)


We can be logical, intelligent beings, however we are inherently emotional beings as well (we have whole sections of our brains that are devoted to emotional processing).  Most of us have been taught how to be logical and how to process information in an intelligent way, but much less emphasis has been placed on our emotional intelligence - and it is our emotions that shape our thoughts and thus direct our actions.

This workshop is for any organization where employees, supervisors, managers have to interact with one another and/or interact with others (clients, customers, etc). So basically, it is for all organizations.

The focus of this workshop includes:

  • exploration of the 5 components of EI

  • awareness of how our emotions drive our decisions and behaviours

  • gaining deeper understanding of our emotional selves

  • communicating better with others and building stronger relationships within the organization and with clients/customers

  •  how to effectively engage with and influence others

This workshop includes psychoeducation about EI as well as interactive excercises to increase EI.